Estate Planning

It seems nobody likes to talk about estate planning. I get it. It’s not fun to plan for your death and what will happen to your stuff when you pass away; however, every time we see another celebrity in the news that died without an estate plan in place, we realize that it is important and something we need to address. Indeed, recently MSN Money ran an all too familiar story of famous people that kept putting off their estate planning and “messed up their wills.”

Celebrities Who Messed Up Their Wills

But for whatever reason, no matter how many times we read these stories and see how drastically lives can be changed and adversely affected by not having a solid estate plan in place, we always determine that estate planning is something we can put on the back burner and “get to” another day. Unfortunately, numerous studies show that over 50% of Americans don’t have even the most basic estate planning tools in place.

Estate Planning – It’s All About Your Legacy

American’s Lack Basic Estate Plans

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting on different topics in the estate planning area of law ranging from the very basic estate plan, hand written or holographic wills, to more complex estate planning involving wills and trusts. Also, if you have any questions or would like me to cover a specific area of estate planning, let me know.