Forming a business can be complex. From choosing what type of entity (partnership, corporation, limited liability company, etc.) to creating a business plan; as such, it is vital that a business starts off on solid legal foundation. Mr. Westwood works closely with his business clients to understand their goals and models and then develops a business structure that fits their needs and provides the maximum personal protection from liabilities. Mr. Westwood provides full-service representation to his corporate clients on matters such as:

  • Selection of the proper type of entity for a new enterprise, and the appropriate organization of the entity
  • Creating Business Incorporations and Entity Planning to limit personal liability
  • Contract Review and Advisement
  • Corporate governance matters, including advising on management duties, authority, responsibilities, succession, and shareholder rights
  • Joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and joint operating arrangements
  • Dissolutions, liquidations, and distributions
  • Collection of accounts from clients or customers